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Shirt 4: Auckland, New Zealand

Shirt 4: Released to Peter Madden

Shirt 4 traveled via US Global Priority Mail to Victoria Munro's parents in Auckland, New Zealand from San Francisco, CA on September 4, 2002.

Mailer to Victoria

Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Chris,

Great to hear from you the other night I will have returned your call by this time you get this. so my mother delivered the package you sent to my exhibition opening in Auckland on Sept 11 at around 7 pm- the first photo is with my sister.

Victoria with sister Leisa Manetto at "my show with austrailian artist Kyle Jenkins titled Victoria Munro, arsing around with Kyle Jenkins." opening in Room 401 gallery in Auckland, New Zealand

Victoria and Pete in his studio Auckland NZ

one week later in Peter's Studio where I passed the shirt on to him.

Malcolm Deans and Peter Madden with the beard at Room 401 gallery opening.


Local W.Z. Beach